Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Seeing as that we seem to have Robert Altman on the brain around here this week, here’s a link to a terrific Tumbler site that should appeal to the would-be Altman archive diver in us all. It’s called Fuck Yeah Robert Altman (thanks so very much, Mssrs. Parker and Stone), and it’s loaded with goodies. My favorite so far? A headline that reads: “Boston Globe Doesn’t Mind Quintet,” a link to one of the few middling reviews of that much-lambasted 1979 Altman release. And there’s also a ton of great pictures (like the ones seen above) and links to the latest news, including this tidbit fresh off the presses about the upcoming Warners DVD release of Brewster McCloud. This new issue is a real dream come true for us Altman-heads who still love our MGM laserdisc but have long anticipated a clean anamorphic transfer, all the better to appreciate Sally Kellerman’s clipped wings, the popped contact lens revealing Michael Murphy’s true colors, the texture of the various stages of Rene Auberjonois’ feature-length transformation, and all the other joys of this weird and wonderful movie (which was Shelley Duvall’s movie debut, on top of everything else).

Click and enjoy, and remember… um, damn, I forgot the closing line…



Ivan said...

Brewster on DVD? Hooray! (Growing up in NYC, that movie was on Channel 9, WOR-TV, all the time--I must have seen it five times on TV; so it was a sort-of shock that it never ended up on DVD. Now when is Doran William Cannon's other scripted movie, Skidoo, showing up?)

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