Tuesday, February 02, 2010


“Um, I remember, specifically, it coming after the end of The Flintstones and Bewitched...” - Keri, San Francisco, CA

“People have different names for it. Some call it the Personification of All Things Evil and, of course, the ‘S’ from Hell.” – John, Marlton, NJ

Again, many thanks to Larry Aydlette, who seems to have briefly submerged yet again (he’ll be back!), for sending this along a couple of days ago, tonic for a day in a very gray, minor key. Those of us of a certain age will find this hilarious. All the rest of you youngsters can just go play your video games! Thanks, Larry! (Where ar-r-r-re you?!)



Alonzo Mosley (FBI) said...

Nice use of "Halloween 3" there, which was one of those films I caught on TV as a kid that really freaked me out.

Jonathan Pacheco said...

"But...in my dream it was blue, I don't know why it changed colors in my dream..." Perfect!

The Driveindude said...

WTF......oh man Dennis.....I can't stop laughing. I'm thinking about doing the same thing except with that "Sit UbU, Sit" tag line!!!

Marc Edward Heuck said...

Very funny dramatization of the intangible fear that closing logos could inspire in children like me years ago.

However, to the best of my memory, the S from Hell never came at the end of "THE FLINTSTONES;" that was the era of the "Dancing Sticks" Screen Gems logo, which, truth be told, what with the brassy pounding notes and the stern voice announcing "THIS IS A SCREEN GEMS PRESENTATION!" scared me more than the S from Hell. I do recall the S appearing on "I DREAM OF JEANNIE" and "THE MONKEES" however.

Honestly, the S never scared me. The Paramount "Closet Killer," now THAT was frightening. I think I'm going to have to write about that now.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

The dancing sticks! I was trying to describe that to a friend yesterday, and I wish I'd come up with such a concise way of illustrating it. Those terrified me too, but... in a good way, I think! (I remember them coming after My Three Sons too, and kind of matching the tapping toes of the logo for that show very nicely. Or maybe it was after Bewitched and leading into My Three Sons...)

You realize, of course, that this conversation is indicative of some kind of sickness... :)

Chris Oliver said...

I hadn't realized it until I watched this, but I guess I got the NBC "boong-bing-bong" mixed up wtih the S from Hell, because whenever I hear the NBC thing in my mind I always added that "diddle-deet, diddle-deeeee" at the end.

Marc Edward Heuck said...

As promised, I wrote my followup. I'm sure you'll be amused:


Ronak M Soni said...

Okay, what with snide references to one of my comments and all, I feel I have to add my voice here.

First, Screen Gems still exists with a rather similar music, but I don't know if I would have been scared as I never saw it as a kid. It's now owned by Sony.

Second, why the hell am I posting this? I don't actually mind the reference, because it's true. I suppose I'm only posting to say that I acknowledge the reference.
Hope you don't mind if I continue commenting here.

Third, I too enjoyed the video, even though I hadn't actually experienced the logo.

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