Thursday, December 17, 2009


Psaga, dear friend, confidant and SLIFR reader from way back, has passed along several keen items in the past couple of months, and here she keeps the string going by bringing to my (our) attention Name That Movie, a contest from blogger/illustrator Paul Rogers that sets forth an ostensibly simple task: identify a classic movie by viewing only six stylized drawings by Rogers based on iconic images or other details from the film itself. The scenes are identifiable, obviously more so if you’ve seen the movie, through Rogers’s reconstitution of familiar images, but not necessarily the most obvious or well-known scenes in the movie. His snazzy, clipped and exaggerated drawings make for fascinating exercises in conjuring the mood and style of movies that may share little in their approach to visuals and atmosphere, and are almost to a picture different in tone from the sophisticated slant given by Rogers’s renderings.

(Click on the illustration to the left for a closer look at one of Rogers' posers from Game 5.)

Try your hand at it. It ain’t easy, but it is fun, and there are five different games available, so if one strikes you as too easy, the next one probably won’t. You can access all the games at Roger’s site Drawger.

Thanks, Psaga! (Psaga comes by Paul Rogers' delights via the Observer’s Very Short List. )