Monday, November 30, 2009


Flemish painter Gabriel Metsu's The Sick Child (1662)

Feeling not so well after a lovely Thanksgiving. Hope yours was just as good, sans racking cough, insistent wheeze and cemented sinuses. In the event that I'm out of commission for a day or two, that's the reason. Thanks for all the great quiz responses so far! Mine are due up when the coconut ceases throbbin'! Till then...



le0pard13 said...

Hope you feel better soon, Dennis. Remember, if your symptoms persist, or get worse, don't wait and see the doctor. Take care.

bill r. said...

My quiz answers are due up when I find the time to answer ALL 50 QUESTIONS!! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, DENNIS!!!

Feel better soon!

Dennis Cozzalio said...

It's kinda absurd, huh? But I figured, 50 questions will hold ya until the thaw anyway. I'm not anywhere close to feeling bad enough to be bed-ridden, which probably means further delay on my own answers. But I really do wanna try and get them done soon.

By the way, did I tell you I stumbled into a nifty local science fiction/fantasy/horror bookshop here in Glendale last week and bought THE DEMOLISHED MAN on Chris Stangl's very convincing recommendation, and at the same time I also found a volume of John Collier stories called Fancies and Goodnights. I was looking for His Monkey Wife, but they didn't have it.

bill r. said...

So you bought the Collier book, right? Right!?

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Oh, yeah... I did buy the Collier book! It's in my hot little hands right now (well, not as I'm typing, but... you know...)

(How did I manage to leave out that little morsel of information?)

bill r. said...

Well, you implied it. I was being sort of pedantic, really.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Imply, imshp-- Er, pedantic, pedschmantic!

So what's good in there? (And don't say ALL!)

bill r. said...

"Evening Primrose", "Green Thoughts", "Witchs Money", "Bird of Prey"....I'll have to check my copy when I get home for more. But start with "Evening Primrose" or "Green Thoughts".

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