Monday, February 02, 2009


Yes, the game was a good one, but to these bleary eyes (surely made even less twinkly than usual by a heavy ingestion of five-layer dip during the first quarter) the much-ballyhooed line-up of ridiculously expensive commercials seemed a pretty tame bunch compared to past years. Ads by Doritos, Pepsi and Budweiser seemed to be trying too hard by two or three times over, and the execrable GoDaddy soft-core porn explosion tweaked bad taste with an almost completely dulled sense of humor. But three ads leapt out from the pack, so much so that I actually remember them a day later, and all three had movie connections that made me sit up straight while I was laughing. Here, then, my Super Bowl Top Three:

Jason Statham traces The Chase through a series of high-octane European sedans and lands in a little black number that looks suspiciously like Frank Martin’s ride.

Three goodfellas discuss their next job, punctuated with whipped cream shots for their happy pancake plates— a very funny knock on the IHOP-style super-sweet breakfast special, as seen through the David Chase prism, from Denny’s. A grand slam, indeed.

Is there nothing since embracing his status as a character actor that Alec Baldwin can’t do? Apparently not, including biting the hand that feeds him in this hilarious ad for Hulu, which casts the actor as a malign interstellar spokesman for the evil, brain-boiling influence of TV.

Did I miss anything?



Anonymous said...

I gotta say this one is a keeper. It appeared at the first break after the kick-off and everyone I know thought it was very funny.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Teleflora "Flowers in a Box" ad. The timing on the last two seconds was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The E*trade baby gets me every time. My favorite of the two was the golf one, although it's apparently not technically a Super Bowl ad since it only appeared in the pre-game. Idiots.

Mr. Middlebrow said...

I absolutely loved the meta-ness of the hulu spot. Super Genius. Probably not possible with anyone other than Baldwin.

I liked the Audi spot but I count it as a miss for reasons I explain in a post of my own, not least of which is that Frank Martin drove a BMW in the first Transporter flick.

I thought the Coke spots were very strong, too; particularly the insects hijacking the coke bottle. And I'm a Pepsi man.

Anonymous said...