Sunday, October 12, 2008


Kuroda at home could spell heartburn for Phillies hitters in Game 3

Could Hiroki Kuroda and his success against the Phillies this season be enough reason to believe that the Dodgers have more than just a fighting chance of setting this series back on, at the very least, an even keel? Cliff Corcoran at Sports Illustrated seems to think so. That, and the ever quieting bat of Ryan Howard, plus the fact that Jamie Moyer has only ever faced two Dodgers before-- former American leaguers Casey Blake and, of course, Mr. Ramirez, who has Manny-handled the aging pitcher plenty in the past-- and Moyer's faced none this season so far.

Plus, Jon Weisman has some words of wisdom and patience for Matt Kemp which, if all goes well, the budding superstar hitter will heed.

Right now, I'm off to bless the radio and hope that the mellifluous tones and poetical flights of Vin Scully have many happy events to convey to Dodger fans all along the Dodger Radio Network this Sunday evening. (I'll be watching Fox, but skipping the Joe Buck commentary.)

And of course I'll check in afterward to either jump for joy or rationalize why the series is not over yet... Stay tuned, and Go, Blue!


Tucker said...

I believe!

Anonymous said...

I believe in Beatles! But I also believe we may be a witness to a Joe Torre managed World Series Dodger Championship season.

Sports Blogging Guy said...

2-1. with D-Lowe on short rest. it's all falling into place. D-Lowe is masterful in the playoffs on short rest. the fatigue keeps his sinker down. this thing's going 2-2. hard not to feel for Jamie Moyer though. the AARP started working on a discrimination suit for the way those young whipper-snappers were treating him last night, but by the time they got organized, he had already been lifted.