Tuesday, July 08, 2008


(Photo courtesy of David J. Fowlie)

In February 2008 select members of the cast of National Lampoon’s Animal House gathered for probably the year’s first official celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary at the Hollywood Blvd. Theater in Woodbridge, Illinois and blogger David J. Fowlie was there. His post features lots of excellent pictures and a nice write-up on the screening and subsequent Q&A. Accompanying Fowlie’s piece is this video interview with those same cast members in the WGN studios. This should get everyone in the mood for revisiting the movie throughout the month here at SLIFR.


Anonymous said...


How great was that?

OK, aint ya gonna give us a hint of your special surprise?

Anonymous said...

BTW... we all know how great Karen Allen looks today & GOD I wish Speilberg had given her more to do in KTCS, but is it just me or does Martha Smith look just as hot now as she did then?!??!!

Dennis, if your surprise is a screening of the film with some of the cast, and Martha Smith is there... (failed to type the rest because of the drool on the keyboard).

Dennis Cozzalio said...

DID: You may be getting your hopes up too high! I never met Martha Smith on the set, though I had a big crush on her after the movie came out.

Anonymous said...

Story of my life. It was a good dream while it lasted.