Thursday, May 22, 2008


Look closely... (Image courtesy of Ambrose Heron)

Film writer Ambrose Heron of the British web site Film Detail has put together a very impressive list of “The Most Useful Movie Websites”. It is a great long, not entirely exhaustive list (what list could be?), and it includes some wonderful places that will be familiar to readers of this blog, as well as a ton of locales that I am anticipating becoming acquainted with in the near future. And as you may have noticed from the picture above, this very blog is one of the sites highlighted under the “Blogs” category, and the company SLIFR is keeping in this section alone is near fatally blush-inducing to say the very least. Here’s Ambrose’s succinct assessment of the appeal of SLIFR:

“As a devoted Leone fan, the title of this blog had me hooked from day one. But the great thing about the site - written by Dennis Cozzalio - is it’s unique voice and passion for cinema.

What can I say except thank you, Ambrose, both for the list, a great jumping-off point for anyone who is interested in an excellent cross-section of Internet film writing, and for finding this site worthy of inclusion on it.