Monday, April 21, 2008


Yes, it's another installment of the wildly popular series of galleries dedicated to the faces that make me sit up and take notice, draw me in, cheer me up and keep me riveted whenever I'm lucky enough to come across them on TV or the big screen. First up, the boys.

G.D. Spradlin

Kurt Russell

Bruce McGill

Edgar Buchanan

Ciaran Hinds

James Coburn

Russell Martin

Keenan Wynn

Lee Van Cleef


Anonymous said...

Bruce McGill's got an awesome face. Strangely attractive...

bill said...

Dude, no way is that Ciarin Hinds! How old is that picture??

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Pacheco: Yeah, McGill has one of those mugs that looks friendly and imposing at the same time. He seemed to be a very easygoing guy on the set of Animal House, and he's aged into one of those distinctive faces that really seems capable of incorporating and expressing so much more than what's written in the (usually) small parts he ends up playing. For him I think it's very much in the eyes, which I suppose you could say was true for a lot of these faces.

Bill: That's him, all right, although I have no idea how old the picture is. I wanted to use another one that showed his age a bit, but I couldn't access it for some reason.

Sheila O'Malley said...

McGill is one of my favorite actors. His scene in The Insider ("wipe that smirk off your face") is a total show-stopper and I am particularly partial to his cameo in the final episode of Quantum Leap.

He's got such an honesty to him. Man, wonderful - and yes, I love his face, too.

I absolutely love these Faces I Love series, Dennis - and as you know I have copied you many times!! Methinks it might be time for me to do another version as well.


bill said...

Oh, I'd almost forgotten McGill's scene in "The Insider". He was great.

PIPER said...

McGill in The Insider is fantastic. Still strange to think he was D-Day.

And Kurt Russell is always good. His turn in Death Proof was the best of last year.

Kim said...

Ohhh Angel Eyes. I've said this countless times and I don't want people to think I enact strange rituals for the man but...Lee Van Cleef. My thing for him actually SCARES me.

And now that young, emaciated slimeball Jack Elam has been creeping up on me. Some guy told me I was mentally deranged when I said young Jack Elam was weirdly hot -- what does HE know?

Elam DOES have a great face -- a face to love. Back me up here Dennis!

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Kim, may no one ever disparage your taste in men! I couldn't resist Van Cleef, even though I may have included him in a previous edition. Who cares, with eyes like that, eh?

As for Jack, it just makes me prouder to know ya that you would have a thing for him. His is a great face, all right-- it may be THE great face of American movies. And again, I probably didn't include him here because I suspect I already have somewhere down the line. But regardless, here's lookin' at you, Kim! Call me and tell all about your night with Peter Lorre sometime!

Ali Arikan said...

Doesn't Ciaran Hinds, who is seven kinds of awesome, look a bit like David Strathairn in that picture? I love these two posts, by the way, Dennis.

And can I just admit my ignorance, and say that I never realised Bruce McGill was D-Day? I wonder if he can really do that throat trick...

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Ali: Oh, yes. I can personally attest to the fact that D-Day's throat trick was a McGill specialty. I remember he entertained everyone on the set with it for a good long while before the actual shooting. And the look on Tom Hulce's face as he watches him do it after D-Day rides the bike into the house was for-real delight.

I hadn't thought of the Hinds-Strathairn resemblance, but you're right.