Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Just a heads-up that friend and rising independent filmmaker Lucas McNelly will be making an appearance tonight on Blog Talk Radio, a division of BlogCritics magazine, to discuss his film gravida, The Now Film Festival and the state of independent film in general. Lucas says he’s been told his segment begins at 9:40 pm. If you click on the Blog Talk Radio link it will make adjustments for whatever time zone you happen to be in. Lucas is sharp, funny, knowledgeable and, as important as any of these, a wicked combination of ambitious and self-effacing, so hearing him talk should be lots of fun. Tune in, won’t you?

UPDATE March 12 2:20 p.m.: Due to overbooking, Lucas has been rescheduled on Blog Talk Radio. Look for him on March 19 instead, and check this post for any further changes.

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Lucas said...

I just found out they've over-scheduled and I've been bumped to next week, 19 March.

So it goes.

(btw, thanks Dennis for the plug)