Sunday, February 03, 2008


Nathaniel R., proprietor of The Film Experience, is hosting his annual Oscar Symposium beginning tomorrow and running through Thursday, February 7. And guess what-- this year he has asked me to be part of this prestigious, yet unpretentious panel. (Was that pretentious of me to say?) Anyway, in addition to Nathaniel, the event's host, I will be trading thoughts with Boyd van Hoeij of European Films, Tim Robey of Mainly Movies, Sasha Stone of Awards Daily, Nick Davis of Nick' Flick Picks, and my favorite femme fatale, Kim Morgan of Sunset Gun. The conversation should be lively all week long, so I hope you'll join us over at Nathaniel's place. There will be no red carpet to walk down or sit on (perhaps reflecting this year's real-world Oscar dilemma), but Nathaniel has made for some very comfortable accomodations and has assured me that the carpet he does have has been thoroughly vacuumed!

Nick Davis

Kim Morgan

Tim Robey

Sasha Stone

Boyd van Hoeij


UPDATE February 8 10:59 a.m.: Okay, Nathaniel’s Oscar Symposium 2007 is now history! Thanks to our gracious host for providing us all with the party and the platform! And a very special thanks to “Anonymous” (that cad!) who, after all my heartless Juno-bashing and inconceivable appreciation for George Clooney, offered up possibly my favorite comment ever in Nathaniel’s Day Two comments column:

“That discussion was VILE! I disagree with almost every comment made especially the ridiculous drubbing of Juno to the extent that the tedious and considerably inferior Ghost World is cited favourably in comparison? What planet are you guys on?
Also enough with the Clooney love in from the bald guy with the beard. I've never heard so much tosh as his embarrassing account of why
Michael Clayton is a good movie. It's a piece of shit.
Love Nat, love the film experience normally and loved last year's Oscar symposium. This year you all make the cliched comments I would expect from people who are desparately trying to be hip. (Seriously, Tilda Swinton is a good actress, but enough with the goddess bullshit. Just because she is pale and ugly doesn't make her an amazing actress.)

To which I couldn’t resist but reply:

“Who could possibly argue with that kind of logic. I stand corrected. I am, however, still bald.”

If you’ve a mind to, here are links for you to access DAY ONE, DAY TWO and DAY THREE.

Nathaniel also has a list of all of our Oscar predictions and picks (mine should be on there soon, if not already), so you can follow along and laugh like hyenas when I bomb out on my guesses just like I usually do.

Again, a wonderful time was had by all. Hope you all have as much fun reading it as we did blabbing.



Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before the could not ignore the talent that is you.

BTW... Who is that Sasha Stone?

WelcometoLA said...

Yeah, I've been enjoying it, Dennis.

The Mysterious Ad[ B)e;ta]m.a.x. said...

Congrats on this somewhat ignominious honor. You shall carry the taint of Oscar with you forever! Although I guess if it's just a friendly trading of thoughts, that doesn't sound all that dirty.

-Editor A