Tuesday, November 27, 2007


There will be a new SLIFR quiz coming your way just in time for Christmas vacation. But to hold you over until then, here's my own version of one of those maddening find-the-word puzzles that I always used to love to do in school. There are plentiful clues for each of the 60 words, names and phrases buried in the puzzle, and note that there are some maguffins buried in there as well, just to make life even more difficult for you. And as always in these things, words can be spelled backward, forward or diagonally. If you have any intention of actually doing this puzzle, double-click on the image above, save it to your desktop as a .jpg and print it out from there. This will give you a good, readable resolution copy you can take to any special reading place... gnomesane? In any case, I hope this is as much fun for you all to scratch your skulls over as it was for me to write. There is no unifying concept at work here-- the references range from the silent era all the way up to last week, and one of them is specifically designed to annoy you and make you call me names. So have at it, let me know how you do, and please let me know if there's some mistake in there that managed to escape the eyes of my crack editorial staff. (My apologies too for the ragged, off-kilter look of the puzzle itself. Still getting to know my scanner...)

Some clues you might be able to use:

1) AH’s Charlie (Miss)
2) Midtown strutter in Amarcord
3) McTeague
4) Magician who lit Jesse James and Anton Chigurh
5) She’s pretty poisonous
6) Chronicler of Little Edie
7) Head light and scenery mover
8) Alternate for Wilder’s Ace
9) Rivetting female sailors
10) Bob and Jane together again
11) Hurricane Dino’s Matangi
12) Bug director
13) Lady Bernbaum, currently M. Carmody
14) Made film debut in Carrie
15) Crossed the Atlantic for Ford in 1933
16) Mr. Warmth
17) “Are you scared we’re on live?/No, I’m sure I can cope/Well, this show isn’t broadcast in _____________!"
18) Opti-grab inventor
19) Gatekeeper of Hollywood Babylon
20) He who got slapped
21) Lombard’s froggy-voiced daddy in Godfrey
22) Greek god of movie disaster
23) Before meeting her final destination she was a royal pain
24) 1975 Best Picture loser
25) Emmy winner stalked by Chucky
26) __________ A Great Notion
27) Negative Space
28) Kaspar Hauser
29) What Coffy and Nashville have in common
30) Low-rent Hollywood Boulevard studio

31) “Mr. President, I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our _____ ________.”
32) Greatest movie candy (inarguable)
33) Undoubtedly Armond’s favorite Stooge
34) Campus where infamous Experiment bled over into Summer
35) Mexican Spitfire Out West
36) The Italian Job’s maestro of motoring (1969)
37) “If they move, _____ ____.”
38) ___________ East of Java
39) Special stereo sound mix unveiled for Tommy (1975)
40) Where Nicholson and Arkoff called home
41) Don’t!
42) “This is my _____________ and it freaks me out!”
43) Forbidden Zone’s Clutch Cargo-esque musical number
44) Castle mode of expression
45) Film critic responsible for Mitchum’s tattooed knuckles
46) The Duke, A-No.1, King of New York
47) The Emperor of the North Pole a.k.a. A-No. 1
48) Cineplex blight
49) “FOUND! One missing link… and the terror that goes with it!”
50) Mizoguchi’s governor
51) Hill's baseball gang
52) Knocked Fonda on his ass
53) The end, if you’re Bertrand Blier
54) Logjammin’ composer
55) “I don’t even think you can spoil good ________.”
56) Edward Everett _______.
57) Lugosi with a hump
58) Repo man
59) Joe Don!
60) Gower and Marge


Anonymous said...

YOU ARE INSANE!! I sense that the quizmaster has stumbled upon an exciting new outlet for his movie mania that will suck even more people into his mad movie mind games.

Although there's something scarily "Zodiac" about your off-kilter scan job and the quiz's homemade feel.

-The Return of the Mysterious A(d()ria]n B[e.ta,ma!x

Anonymous said...

I can't get it to print. It's not the fault your fault, Dennis, it's my crappy printer. But I know a fair amount of the answers! Honest!

Anonymous said...

I think I have one too many "faults" in that last post. There is also an extraneous "the".

Greg said...


Don't don't worry the about it. It happen the happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan - Thank your.

Greg said...

Your'e welocom.

Hedwig said...

Thank you :-D I just printed this, and I have a boring class this afternoon, so it should be perfect! I do think I might resort to some googling to finish, but I'll see how far I can get by myself first.

Anonymous said...

Oy vey.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

[ Loud Cackling ]

Greg said...

Just wanted to stop by and take one last gander at Forrest Gump in the sidebar before he says goodbye (until next year that is). What a great poster, Dennis. I think you should keep it up all year.

So, the NFL playoffs will be here in just a few weeks. Just saying that's all.

Thanks again for being such a good sport about it. Until next time.

Megan said...

Curses! I was actually thinking about getting some work done tomorrow at work. Now that plan is toast...

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Jonathan: You got a few extra days out of that damn thing because I was gone all weekend! Well, bid it and the 2006 season good-bye! Things are gonna look a whole lot different next year in the Major Leagues, and they're start looking a whole lot different around her right now! Thanks for the reminder!

Greg said...

Thanks for the reminder!
D'oh! Why did I say anything?

Anonymous said...

I stopped by to let you know that I had printed this out right after you posted it, finished about a third of it before I ran out of steam--temporarily--and then our Springer Spaniel not-quite-a-pup got ahold of it and shredded the top right corner...so that is my excuse for not finishing the puzzle: the dog ate my homework.

It's hilariously good (?) to see the Mysterious A. B. commenting again, and telling you off just like old times (well, if "old times" is, like, two years ago).