Friday, July 06, 2007


As the heat continues, so too the good vibes...

Phillip's response to the Cinema 21 shot below made me think this was an excellent time to link once again to Lauren Kessler's wonderful essay, "I Love the Rain."


Anonymous said...

I glanced back to see what the heck it was that I wrote, couldn't find it, but then thought adding instead of remembering would be best, for remembering is one of my biggest problems.

A few nights ago I experienced one of the happiest nights I've experienced in a long time. Sex, no. But something unequivocally close. And as I lay there, too elated for sleep; first there was the rain, loud, harsh against the side of the apartment I was in, it lulled me into contentment, but then, the one thing I have heard only once before since moving to Los Angeles, I heard, and that was thunder. Not once, but three times it cracked somewhere in the night giving a climax to the joy I felt.

Since then the rain has dried up and my days have fallen back into their dreary, sad states. Oh, for more rain!

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Phillip: I was out of town during the Los Angeles rain you enjoyed (though it poured like happy hell for ten minutes while we were at Legoland!) But I can completely understand your bliss, and your disappointment now that it's gone.

Today was overcast here in Glendale, with a real sense of the possibilty of showers as opposed to the gossamer gratification of the much-appreciated but too-soon-departed "marine layer" that often makes it at least somewhat more pleasant to wake up in the morning. Those mornings walking my daughters to school, the cool, damp air and the hint of weather that rarely shows its real face, are wonderful.

Let's rephrase that old Woodstock chant: More rain! More rain! More rain!

Anonymous said...

One of the best feelings once it is gone is weather. I really miss the exaggerated amounts of snow fall that would hit during my life throughout the Northern Midwest.

On a cloudy day the only thing that disappoints me more than anything is when the sun breaks through.

Dennis Cozzalio said...

Boy, Phillip, you and I couldn't be of a more like mind about this. Whenever it clouds up here in Glendale, which sits near the backside of the Hollywood Hills away from the ocean, it is at night. So I'll get that rush of feeling from waking up to fog or maybe even drizzle, but by 9:30 or 10:00 am it's all burnt off and everything is back to normal. I'm working on my 21st year as a Los Angeles resident, and I've never been so sick of a particular climate in my life. And when you talk about how much the rain and snow mean to you, people just assume you're a depressed malcontent.

Just looking at that picture above makes me feel better!

Anonymous said...

It is a nice picture...I'm in Valley Village, so when it disappears for you, it's gone for me. You should fine one of snow. I'll come back every day and view it.