Thursday, February 15, 2007


ARTHUR: Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left.
BLACK KNIGHT: Yes, I have.
BLACK KNIGHT: (mutters) It’s just a flesh wound.

Yes, folks, the Contrarian Blog-a-Thon gets underway tomorrow and runs over the weekend at Jim Emerson’s place, aka Scanners. Jim will be presenting his own contributions, as well as links to many others—and there will be many others, if the blogosphere buzz is anything to be believed. Scanners is definitely going to be active with in-your-face opinions and theories all weekend long and should be plenty of fun for those who like to read, for those who like to comment, and for those who like to do both! I’ll be checking in with my own contrarian view of a film that, according to Rotten Tomatoes, has an incredible 97% approval rate. (This may make me even fewer friends than my views on Julie Andrews.) Hope to see you here, at Scanners, and wherever contrary-minded film bloggers care to set forth their own set of correct evaluations and opinions, at the revelation of which we may all gasp and marvel and, of course, begin preparing our own baskets of rotten tomatoes!

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