Friday, September 29, 2006


I almost forgot— I didn’t want to let the weekend arrive without trumpeting the bit of information-gathering Andy Horbal has going on right now at his blog No More Marriages. Andy wants to know your vote for The Best American Fiction Film of the Last 25 Years.

A glance through Andy's comments column reveals a wealth of worthy nominees (as well as some I might question!) and, of course, plenty of interesting and varied discussion about said nominees. I was reminded to post a link to Andy’s poll, which I’d been meaning to do all week (honest, Andy!), when I popped over to see what Jim Emerson was up to and saw not only his link to Andy, but also what Jim’s choice was. My vote, as well as Jim's, as it turns out, went to Miller's Crossing. Here’s to an excellent choice for the Best American Fiction Film of the Last 25 Years, Mr. Emerson, and that ain’t no high hat!

Cast your vote in Andy’s survey today!

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