Friday, July 28, 2006


Every so often I come across an article, a thought or a well-turned phrase and think to myself, in a completely non-envious manner, “I wish I’d written that.” Such a sentiment can be some of the highest praise I can imagine for a piece of writing I really like.

This week’s SLIFR Weekend Reading List is a short one—I don’t have much time to do a lot of linking, or reading for that matter. But I have time enough to post just one link. And if you have time to read only one article this week, let it be Wagstaff’s sublime, comprehensive and utterly enjoyable appreciation of Michael Ritchie’s The Bad News Bears, which was posted a week ago (sorry I’m so slow on the uptake, W) over at The House Next Door.

Forget teary-eyed sentimental claptrap like Field of Dreams and The Natural-- for my money, The Bad News Bears is the best baseball movie ever made. Wagstaff gets it, and you’ll enjoy running the bases with him and remembering just why this movie is a genuine American classic. (Check out the interesting conversation that follows in the comments column too.) Thanks, Wagstaff. Your piece on Ritchie’s movie is indeed excellent, and you know what? I really wish I’d written it.

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Wagstaff said...

Gosh, Dennis, thanks. This is quite thrilling coming from one of the movie-blogging greats such as yourself. After seeing this I had to go outside, shake up a bottle of beer and spray it all over myself in celebration!