Wednesday, January 04, 2006

PASADENA AIN'T NO NORTH DALLAS (but it might be Austin, at least for this week)

Well, that was a Rose Bowl classic if I ever saw one. USC and Texas could teach Jerry Bruckheimer, Joel Silver, maybe even Brian De Palma a thing or two about drama and suspense, given their level of performance over the past season and in Pasadena tonight. Congratulations to USC for having such a tremendous run (34 straight victories and knocking right up to the last eight seconds on the door of an unprecedented three-peat), and to Vince Young and Texas for putting on such a spectacular show in winning the national championship game. Final score: Texas 41, USC 38. If only the N.F.L. were this good, I might come close to even feigning interest. Unfortunately, on the eve of Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart getting absorbed into the pro league's worst teams, and Vince Young returning to the Longhorns next year, I'll keep my eye on college ball next year-- the N.F.L. still looks too much like North Dallas Forty and not enough like a league where you can see games like Oregon's agonizing last-minute loss to Oklahoma in the Holiday Bowl, or Penn State's triple-overtime victory over Florida in the Orange Bowl, or the one they just finished up tonight in the Rose Bowl. The real playoffs are over. It's just an excuse to pound down nachos and beer from here on in. (P.S. To my rabid Trojan pal Doug-- sorry it didn't work out for you guys tonight, but, you know, that USC bottle opener still plays the fight song like nobody's business...)

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Lester said...

Yes! those college bowl games were exciting to watch, even if our favorite teams did not win. As for the NFL, Seattle Seahawks have given us folks in the Northwest something to cheer about with the best record and number 1 seed in the NFC. They have done it with MVP and Offensive Player of Year Shawn Alexander, with an experienced and efficient offense and a young and oppornistic defense. After years of teasing, can we finally say it is our turn to go the Super Bowl? I can't promise games as exciting as the just past college bowls, but it will still be plenty exciting rooting for the local favorite team in the playoffs.